Man Hits Kids for Riding Mini Bikes, Then Shoots Father 3 Times (VIDEO)

A father from Utah is still recovering from shock after an older neighbor had a violent reaction to his two sons riding mini-motorcycles. Christ Ollerton and his sons were attacked by an enraged neighbor who thought they were disturbing the neighborhood with the sounds of the mini bikes.

The whole thing was caught on camera. The shocking video shows the 61-year old neighbor, Richard Lindem, yelling in rage and hitting the 9-year old and 6-year old. After Ollerton saw this, he went outside to confront the man who was beating his kids. What he didn’t expect was for the neighbor to pull a gun on him and start shooting.

Ollerton started running backward and told his two sons to get away and get help. His neighbor shot at him three times.

Ollerton and his two sons were unharmed, and the violent neighbor barricaded himself at his home in an attempt to avoid getting arrested. He was eventually arrested by a SWAT team.

Check out the video report from Local 12 to see the actual footage of the incident!