Group of Bikers Stops by Little Girl’s Lemonade Stand to Thank Her Mom

A video showing a group of bikers walking up to a little girl’s lemonade stand has taken over the motorcycling world these days.

The video itself is heartwarming, and there is a beautiful story behind it, too. It all starts in September 2018, when a woman named Daryn Sturch saw an accident involving many motorcycles near Denver, Indiana. She was driving with her young daughter Bryanne in the car, but they decided to pull over and help the victims.

Daryn is a nurse, and she felt the need to run up and assist the unfortunate bikers.  She said several of the injured bikers were airlifted from State Road 19 that day.

Sturch later learned that the bikers were a part of a group called Milwaukee Iron, and all of them reached out to her personally to thank her.

Fast forward to this September, Sturch’s little girl, the one that was in the car with her when she pulled over to help the bikers, was having a lemonade stand.

That same group of bikers decided to come through and visit Bryanne’s stand, stopping by for a tasty, refreshing drink.

The little girl was thrilled as the bikers made her day. Some of the bikers – the ones Sturch stopped to assist on the day of the accident, showed up to their home to thank them once again.

One of the bikers was in such bad shape after the accident that Sturch wasn’t sure he would survive. He was more than happy to give her a big hug, and everyone was thrilled to be reunited in good health.

Check out the video below!