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Hundreds of Motorcycles Surprise 2-Year-Old for his Birthday

Hundreds of bikers pulled off a huge surprise for a young boy in Manhattan Sunday.  They revved their engines and made 2-year-old Sawyer’s birthday unforgettable.

Ashley Baldwin, the boy’s mother, says Sawyer is absolutely crazy about motorcycles.

“It’s in his blood,” she said.

So she decided to surprise him with a few of his favorite things for his second birthday.

“I was like ‘Well let’s maybe get 10 to 20 people here while we’re out here at the splash park,” said Baldwin.

She created a Facebook event to try and spread the word.

She never expected what was about to happen.

On Sunday, 296 bikes and dozens of trucks road through Manhattan to wish Sawyer a happy birthday!

“It was amazing what happened,” said biker Mike Cravens.

Check out the video!