‘The Punishers’ Biker Club Takes on 7-Year-Old’s School Bullies

Alexandria Reynolds is truly a mom who thinks outside of the box when it comes to raising her daughter, Adriana. No parent likes to hear that their child is being picked on, and most will address the issue directly with the school. Not Alexandria. She decided to take a different approach and show those kids, and her daughter, that being different is the best thing to be.

7-year old Adriana Reynolds was being picked on by classmates for over a year before her mom decided to take matters into her own hands – or rather, the hands of Toledo bike club, The Punishers. As a tomboy with a love for dirt bikes and motorcycles, Adriana’s peers simply did not understand her. Upset about her daughter’s plight, and inspired by her daughter’s love for motorcycles, Alexandria reached out to Toledo’s law enforcement motorcycle club for help.

In hopes of showing Adriana that there is nothing wrong with liking motorcycles and that there are kind people out there, the members of The Punishers banded together to surprise Adriana with a ride to school. Adriana’s face, as she went around and hugged the bikers one-by-one, says that her mom made the right call.

“While they may look dark and dangerous,” the reporter admits, “they are far from it.”

“Any chance we get, we’ll help these kids out in a heartbeat,” Daniel Bushey, President of The Punishers, was recorded saying.

The Punishers is a unique club in that it is made up of service members and first responders. As individuals who are in the profession of helping others, they are automatically sympathetic to anyone who is being victimized. However, the group said that once they met Adriana, they formed a special bond.

Bushey told ABC News, “We got her a vest, we told her to just think of us as her uncles. She’s a part of our family now, if she needs anything to just let us know.”

After placing a pink motorcycle helmet on her head, Adriana was placed on the back of a member’s bike and escorted to school by the whole club.

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Source: ABC News