5 Motorcycle Dealerships Close Suddenly in Seattle Area

Last week, five motorcycle dealerships closed unexpectedly in the Puget Sound region and customers are figuring out how to get their motorcycles back.

There are two NobleRush dealerships in Lake City, two in Auburn, and one in Redmond.

During recent weeks, employees have been working without pay so that they would help out all of their loyal customers.

On Tuesday, several people showed up at a Seattle dealership to take away their motorcycles. One person even paid for the repairs before they were finished.

Some motorcycle owners were worried about their motorcycle after failing to get an answer from Ducati Redmond during last week. One man was even thinking about calling the police because he feels his bike was held captive.

His bike was at the dealership for service when he found out about the closure on Facebook.

Many customers are left wondering what they should do next.

The dealerships closed abruptly, and none of the customers got an explanation about why they’ve suddenly closed.

Komo News has reached out to the owners for comment but got no response.

For the time being, many customers are worried about their bikes, and many of them are stuck with the situation. Some people have paid upfront in cash for their motorcycles, but have no clue when they are going to see them.

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Source: Komo News