Ex-Hells Angels Leader George Christie Writes a Book

It’s not every day that a biker legend named Buzzard and a cop-turned-private-eye show up for a book signing.

But at the Bank of Books in Ventura on Tuesday, they were among the 60 people who came to have George Christie — Ventura’s notorious former Hells Angels president —  sign copies of “Exile on Front Street: My life as a Hells Angel … and Beyond.”

Many who made their way down to the book-lined store basement said they were fascinated by Christie’s frank story about his life in what he calls a motorcycle club, but what law enforcement calls a criminal gang.

Last year, the History Channel aired a six-part documentary, “Outlaw Chronicles,” told from Christie’s perspective.

“I think his book is really well-written,” said John Jenks, a former police officer who tried to build a case against Christie. “I spent two years trying to put him in jail. I never could get him. I finally realized that either he’s a lot smarter than I am or he’s not doing the things we think he’s doing.”

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