101-Year-Old On His One Last Motorcycle Ride

An Arizona community banded together to give this 101-year-old veteran, who loved nothing more than Harley-Davidsons, the ride of his life.

101-year-old Ray Weser from Prescott Valley was known around the community to be a major Harley-Davidson enthusiast.

“Harley dripping oil, smoke coming out of everywhere, and I fell in love with motorcycles right there,” Weser said in an interview with KPHO.

Enamored by motorcycles as a teen, Weser went on to work for Harley-Davidson for 24 years, including as a regional manager.

But, Weser has since retired from his bike-riding days. While he is now in hospice care, his passion for riding has never gone away.

“[All] he does is talk about his Harley days,” said Logan Roberts, the general manager of the Harley-Davidson dealership in Meyer.

Roberts told InsideEdition one of his friends in the American Legion, who worked with Weser in hospice care, reached out in hopes they could organize one last ride for the veteran.

“He’s in a wheelchair now,” Roberts said. “He’s sharp as a tack. You can still understand everything he says, and he loves telling his story.”

Roberts said he took out a trike motorcycle from his store and rounded up a group of riders. They then rode to Weser’s home, and loaded him onto the back of Roberts’ trike.

“He wanted to [drive it] but he got in the back seat, sat back, and enjoyed the ride,” Roberts recalled.

In a sea of nearly 50 other Harley riders, Weser cruised for about 10 minutes before they brought him back home.

“It was enough to put a smile on his face that none of us will ever forget,” Roberts said.

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(Source: InsideEdition)