Amazing UK Biker Rides Across US For Charity

Gordon Cruden, from Fraserburgh, is raising money for addiction recovery organization, Teen Challenge North East Scotland, and set off on his 15,000 journey on Saturday.

He’s striving to visit as many US states as possible in an attempt to gather vital funds for charity.

The biker, who is also the area manager of the charity, hopes to be able to complete the challenge in 30 days. But since beginning his trek, he has spoken of “doubt” that has crept into his mind. Problems so far have included difficulty in getting enough rest.

Last night, he updated his followers on day three of the trip.

“I’ve slept OK, but I’ve woken early. I’m in Pennsylvania at the moment. From here, I cross state line into New York state – not to be confused with New York City – then onto Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

I am aiming for eight states and 513 miles. It’s probably a bit much, but you’ve got to aim for something. ”

He has been teaming up with local bikers along the way. They’ve helped him with food and supplies for the challenge.  He had to make ingenious efforts to prevent him being afflicted by one of the major risks he faces – sunburn.

After realizing that the sleeves on his sweatshirt were being blown up during the ride, he decided to tape the garment to his forearm.

He added: “I am giving it my best shot. I am no athlete, but I am determined.”

The money raised by Mr Cruden will go towards a drive to purchase Benaiah – a home near Mintlaw where women and their children can recover while they complete the Teen Challenge program.

His impressive efforts have already raised £270,000 for the campaign – more than 50% of the target £535,000.

If you want to help out this fellow biker while he’s on the road, contact him through THIS FACEBOOK PAGE.