How to Slash the Cost of Motorcycle Insurance

Owning an outrageous ride? Cool. Paying less to insure it? Very cool.

When it comes to motorcycle insurance, many bikers decide to just leave it all to the company that insures their car – which can be a very bad idea.

Why? There are a lot of companies that specialize in motorcycles alone, and they have various motorcycle-specific plans, one of which might fit you perfectly.

This is actually the first tip to slaying your insurance rate:

Tip 1: Shop around!

When you bought your motorcycle, you didn’t (hopefully) just go to a shop and buy the 1st motorcycle that seemed decent. You probably shopped around until you found your perfect bike.

Do the same thing with insurance.

Tip 2: Join a club!

Membership at clubs like the Harley Owners Group, BMW Motorcycle Owners and the American Motorcyclist Association can get you discounts. Also, you will meet many other bikers who are members, and you can talk to them to see how they’ve dealt with reducing their insurance rate.

Tip 3: Ask for discounts!

Many insurance companies offer great discounts, but they don’t actually OFFER them. You have to ask!

If you aren’t an everyday rider and only take your bike out occasionally: Ask about an infrequent rider’s discount. If you store your bike in the garage without riding it all winter, you might get a discount for that too.

Tip 4: Raise your deductible

This goes for all kinds of insurance, no matter if it’s for your car, your bike, or your house. Raising a deductible from 250 to 1000 bucks is a quick way to trim your cost 10-20%.

When deciding what kind of insurance you should go with, it’s always good to consider every little thing before the purchase.

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How do you handle your motorcycle insurance? Which one do you use? Are you satisfied with it? Let us know in the comments!