10 Things Not To Do On A Motorcycle

You’ve been riding for years and have miles of precious experience twisting the throttle. You’ve taken the course; you’ve read all the how-tos and all the riding safety tips. Hell, you’ve probably even read all the scooter safety tips you could find. But what do you know about the things you shouldn’t do, when it comes to riding a motorcycle?

Here are 10 major motorcycle DON’T-s:

  1. DON’T neglect your bike

Under no circumstances should you neglect your motorcycle. Tires tend to go bald, fuel lines tend to clog, brake pads tend to wear out. The engine might be suffering some sort of damage and you may not know about it until it’s too late. Regular maintenance is a must if you want to keep riding for years to come. A neglected motorcycle is prone to causing serious problems.

  1. DON’T cross your limits

No matter how experienced you are, you know your limits when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Since you know them, you shouldn’t cross them. A bike can lean to 30+ degrees, and they break much faster than the average car. Most motorcycle riders will never reach the limits of their bikes, and that’s how it should be as not everyone is a trained racer.

  1. DON’T forget to take care of yourself

The most significant part of riding a motorcycle is being out in the open and in sync with nature’s elements. However, the elements can be cruel to you and they may easily wear you down if you aren’t prepared. Whether it’s the hot sun, the cold wind, or the wet roads, you can’t predict nature, but you can prepare yourself. Don’t neglect yourself and make sure you always stay comfortable, well-fed and hydrated.

4. DON’T ride under the influence

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If you’re in the mood for drinking, then drink. If you want to smoke a joint – then smoke a joint. But, don’t go for a ride afterward. Motorcycles and substances don’t mix well, never have and never will.

Remember the saying:

There are old motorcyclists and there are drunk motorcyclists, but there are no drunk old motorcyclists.

  1. DON’T lose focus while riding

We’ve all been in a situation when we see some cutie and want to grab their attention by riding slowly by them with our sexy, newly washed bike. See, the Devil is in the details. All it takes is a split second of you not paying attention to read end a truck or a car.  

You’re sexy as hell when you’re riding that motorcycle, don’t doubt that. The only thing you need to think about is maneuvering traffic and staying safe.

  1. DON’T get in over your head

A motorcycle is a powerful thing. Riding a bike can easily take you from zero to hero – and the other way around. People will ask you for a ride all the time, and you’ll keep thinking you’re the king of the world. But you aren’t.

Those curves can be really sharp and traffic can be crazy. You won’t have enough room in that helmet for a huge ego AND clear judgment. One of those has to go, and it better be the ego.

  1. DON’T forget the importance of proper positioning and braking in corners

Never forget about proper positioning in corners. Here’s a visual from YouMotorcycle:

Photo: Youmotorcycle
Photo: YouMotorcycle
  1. DON’T be to cool to say “Thanks!”

Whether it’s a bus driver that let you ride past and ahead of him or some supernatural power you believe keeps you safe while you ride, don’t be too cool to say “Thank you,”

Learning to be humble might save your life one day.

9. DON’T ride someone else’s ride

If you’re riding in a group, by all means, learn from the experienced riders. However, you shouldn’t feel obligated to keep up their pace. Ride your own ride, especially through corners, tricky weather, and difficult roads.

  1. DON’T look down when riding

The fastest way to crash is to look down while riding a motorcycle. Always look where you intend to go. Feel like you won’t make that sharp corner? If you look down, you probably won’t.

Photo by striatic