6 Reasons Why You Need To Get Yourself A Motorcycle

When you hear bikers talking about their bikes, they almost worship them as the best thing that ever happened to them. They compare motorcycle riding to therapy, and they all seem to share a secret to happiness that’s unreachable for non-riders.

A person who doesn’t ride doesn’t realize all the advantages motorcycle riding brings along. Once you hop on a mean machine and ride down the open road with the wind in your knees, you will see where all these biker stories come from.

Many would say that motorcycle riding is dangerous. However, if you are a responsible rider who respects the rules and pays attention to the road, there’s a big chance you won’t ever be involved in a crash. Many veteran bikers have been riding their whole lives without any accidents.

Riding a motorcycle is a unique experience. The best way to describe it would be to say it’s the closest thing to flying you will get. However, the feeling of freedom and the burst of happiness aren’t the only reasons why motorcycle riding is so amazing.

Let’s take a look at the six most obvious reasons you need to get yourself a motorcycle.

Save on Gas

We all know that filling up your car tank with gas can significantly hurt your bank balance. When you ride a motorcycle, things don’t work that way. The number of miles you get per gallon on a motorcycle is insane compared to the mile/gallon ratio in a car. Do you know what you’d do with all that cash if you switched to a motorcycle?

Motorcycles Cost Less Than Cars

save money photo

If you want to buy a good, solid car model, and especially in you want to buy a new vehicle, you will spend quite a bit of money. Sure, some motorcycles are utterly expensive, but you can buy an awesome bike for far less money than you could ever get any car.

Obviously, a bike can’t fit more than two people on it (or only one for some models), and you can’t bring your whole family along. But if you’re single or you’re buying a second vehicle, getting yourself a motorcycle is the smartest thing to do.

Getting Bikes Fixed

You have probably guessed that bikes are much cheaper to repair, considering how cheaper they are to buy compared to cars. Bikes come with much cheaper replacements than cats. When you bike brakes, you don’t have spend the same fortune you would if it was a car problem.

While no one is saying that fixing a bike is cheap, it sure is cheaper than getting a car fixed.

A majority of bikers even fix their bikes themselves and that goes for both male and female. In fact, more than half female motorcycle riders repair their bikes by themselves on the road.

Knees in the Breeze

motorcycle cruising photo
Photo by Evan MiIes

You’ve probably seen bikers cruising on their motorcycles over the weekends. Ease of commute is one thing, but the relaxing feeling you get when you ride is something else. Many bikers enjoy going on group rides, and there are plenty of motorcycle clubs you can join that regularly arrange long group rides over the weekends.

Long motorcycle rides are amazing for your well-being in many ways. There aren’t many things that can give you a better feeling in this world than cruising on your bike can.

It’s SO Attractive and Stylish

Riding a motorcycle makes you stylish and attractive, and that’s a stone-cold fact. What a guitar does for the musician, motorcycle gear does for the biker. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive branded gear or simple leathers that fit you perfectly.

Bikers don’t only look attractive when they are on their bikes – they also walk with a mesmerizing dose of confidence that boosts their charms. You can’t get that effect when you’re driving a small car.

Motorcycle riding will get you places faster, it will free you from losing countless hours stuck in traffic, and it will make your happy juices flow freely. But let’s not pretend the fact that it makes you more stylish, sexy and attractive isn’t important as well.

Photo by David_Kerwood