Norman Reedus Visited a Biker Church

It’s no secret Norman Reedus loves motorcycles just as much as his TWD character Daryl Dixon does. The actor has his own motorcycle show on AMC titled Ride With Norman Reedus where you can see him riding around the States and hanging out with friends.

With his kind of passion for two-wheelers, it’s no surprise that Reedus has seen and experienced a bunch of amazing things during his rides. Recently, he came across something he won’t forget any time soon: a church for bikers.

Reedus talked about this adventure on Conan and discussed the amazing details with the show host, Conan O’Brien. The way he talks about it helps put into perspective just how passionate a man can be about motorcyles. A prayer circle with bikers, a Harley Davidson in the middle of a church, and relating life to riding does sound fantastic.

The actor didn’t say he’d make this a regular thing , nor did he say he has plans on ever visiting the church again, but it sure sounds like this is something that’s going to stick with him for a long time.

Check out the video.


Have you ever been to a Biker Church? 

(Source: UndeadWalking)