Car Driver in Deadly Motorcycle Crash Won’t Face Charges

Aaron Levitt, a 39-year old biker from Olive Branch died Tuesday. The police say a 31-year-old woman turned in front of Aaron on Church Road in Southaven. She was driving a Nissan. That woman will most likely never face charges.

Why, you may wonder – it’s because of the Mississippi law. Captain Mike Foshee of the Southaven Police Department says the charge would probably be a misdemeanor.

A misdemeanor has to actually be witnessed by a law enforcement officer in order to be prosecuted, in the state of Mississippi.

Police confirms the bike hit the Nissan after the car turned in front of him. A Ford Pickup and a Chevy also got caught in the accident. Photos from the scene show motorcycle parts all over the road. The Nissan’s driver was taken to Methodist Olive Branch and treated for minor injuries.

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

Aaron Levitt was leaving for work on his 2008 Harley Davidson. He worked at Southern Thunder Harley Davidson. He was a father of two boys who have expressed their hope that many motorcycles will attend their father’s funeral.

How do you feel about this law?