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No Prison Time for Driver Who Killed a Motorcyclist While Driving High on Marijuana

Kent Jensen, a Billings man who admitted to smoking marijuana before causing a fatal crash in 2016, avoided jail time in his sentence last week.

He was sentenced in Yellowstone County District Court to 25 years at the Montana Department of Corrections, but with 20 years suspended.

Jensen pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide under the influence – for killing Joshua Fry, a biker who was riding his motorcycle when Jensen’s vehicle hit him.

Prosecutors requested a 20-year sentence at the Montana State Prison.

“To characterize this event as an accident is an insult to the memory of Joshua Fry,” said Victoria Callender, the prosecutor, KTVH reports. “That word was used six times by Kent’s family today.”

The judge said the reasons for the final sentence were Jensen’s lack of criminal history, the fact that he stayed on scene, and his age.

Laura Tiller, the killed biker’s mother, is deeply disappointed.

“I think that it just set the precedent for the whole community, that it’s not a big deal, I’m just going to have a slap on the wrist,” said Tiller. “And not that I wanted him to spend years of his life in prison, but there are consequences.”

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