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1 Year Later, Family of Shot Biker Still Seeks Justice

Albuquerque, N.M. – This week marks one year since Earl Roybal was killed in a deadly shooting at a northwest Albuquerque carwash. Roybal was killed while his motorcycle was drying in the carwash.

One year later, his friends and family say the person who shot him hasn’t been charged and they are seeking justice.

After reviewing the evidence, the district attorney’s office ruled that the shooting was in self-defense. Meanwhile, family members have decided to hire a private investigator to review the evidence in hopes that charges will still come.

“We still don’t feel justice was delivered in this case,” said Raymond Gallegos of the New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization for KOB4. “The DA did review the case. It was up to the DA to prosecute that, but we don’t feel that the family saw justice. We don’t feel that it was still a self-defense shooting. We don’t feel like it was justifiable self-defense.”

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