Harley-Davidson Third Quarter 2017 Results Show Decrease in Sales

Harley-Davidson Inc. third quarter results for 2017 show decrease in sales compared to third quarter 2016.

This year third quarter net income is only $68.2 million as opposed to $114.1 million last year, on consolidated revenue of $1.15 billion in 2017 versus $1.27 from third quarter 2016.

Matt Levatich, CEO and president of Harley-Davidson, said:

“The continued weakness in the U.S. motorcycle industry only heightens our resolve and the intensity we are bringing to the quest to build the next generation of Harley-Davidson riders. Launching one hundred new high-impact motorcycles is a critical part of our 10-year journey, and the all new Softail line-up is a significant statement of our commitment.” (Via: BikersPost)

When it comes to worldwide sales, for Harley-Davidson they were down 6.9% compared to last year’s third quarter. In the U.S. motorcycle sales were down 8.1%. We should also point out that the whole U.S. motorcycle industry was down for retail sales for 9.2%. Worldwide retail sales have also decreased in comparison to same time 2016 – for 4.6%.

“As the motorcycle industry leader – with dealer strength and rider passion and loyalty like no other – we believe we are uniquely positioned to build ridership and strengthen the sport of motorcycling. Not just in the U.S. but around the world. Our investments in new product and marketing are targeted to drive ridership growth. We have the strategies, plans, and people to make it happen,” Levitach said.

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