Motorcycle Awareness Month – May 2016

The Department of Transportation is launching a “Share the Road: Look Twice for Motorcycles” campaign for Motorcycle Awareness Month.

As Distracted Driving Awareness month has ended, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) continues to do their best to keep riders safe on Texas roads, this time by launching a campaign we all know about: Motorcycle Awareness Month. The entire month of May will be dedicated toward educating drivers on how to operate their vehicle when a motorcyclist is nearby.

Motorcyclists are at a higher risk for accidents!

A motorcycle driver is five times more likely to experience an accident and 26 times more likely to be killed, compared to a car or a truck driver. At least one motorcyclist dies in an accident in Texas every single day, on an average.

In 2015, exactly 455 motorcyclists lost their lives on the road, and an additional 1,867 individuals suffered severe injuries due to a motorcycle accident.

“Motorcycles can be difficult to see, so it’s important for drivers to look twice, especially before turning at intersections or changing lanes,” said TxDOT Executive Director James Bass.

Safety  tips for car/truck drivers

In most of the motorcycle- related accidents, the drivers who struck the motorcyclists claim they never saw him, or they believed the motorcycle rider was further away than he actually was.

Since a motorcycle is, obviously, much smaller than a four-wheeled vehicle, it’s very possible to misjudge where exactly they are on the road, BUT THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE! It is a responsibility of every single driver to avoid causing an accident, and four-wheeled drivers must understand that motorcyclists are to be treated with care when sharing the road.

ALL DRIVERS need to remember to:

  • Check twice for motorcycles, especially at an intersection.
  • Always turn to check your blind spot and use your indicator before changing lanes.
  • Check all your mirrors before attempting any lane change or turn.
  • Do not follow motorcycles too closely.
  • Always assume the motorcyclist is closer than they appear.


Following these tips will save precious lives, so let’s keep more riders safe this year!


(Source: JeffRasansky)