Bikers Taunt Deputy

TANEY COUNTY, Missouri — Being playful and showing off in front of a sheriff’s deputy didn’t  seem to work out so well for a group of bikers in Missouri.

While we can’t stress enough about May being the Motorcycle Awareness month, these bikers have decided to take over the road and show the deputy how incredibly brave and skillful they are.

The video shows them popping wheelies and doing other “funny” tricks as they fly past the officer parked in the median.

The officer then follows and tries to pull them over, but they just keep on pulling stunts.

It all came to an end when two of the bikers slammed into each other and fell off. The game was over, and luckily neither of them got hurt – but you can clearly see the smile on the officer’s face when he gets out to start writing those tickets.

(Source & video: WTVD-TV )