Motorcycle Helmet Saves a Biker’s Life, Medics Say

Dayton, Ohio – A motorcycle rider was involved in what could have been a fatal crash if it weren’t for his protective gear, medics on scene say.

The crash went on early morning, just after 7 a.m. on Tuesday. The motorcycle went off the road and ended up underneath a guardrail. You can see a photo from the scene HERE.

Medics say the rider was quickly taken to Miami Valley Hospital and after a thorough examination, the report says he had no life-threatening injuries.

They confirm the rider was wearing protective gear, including a helmet. According to medics, that’s exactly what saved his life. If he were unprotected, his injuries could have been fatal.

The crash is still being investigated for a cause.

Source: wdtn


Photo by Sherry J. Ezhuthachan