Is Harley-Davidson Buying Ducati?

Reuters reports that Harley-Davidson lining up a strong bid for Italian rival Ducati – which has been put out for sale by Volkswagen.

Two of the most famous names in the motorcycle industry might be brought together in a deal that could be worth up to 1.6 billion dollars, which is Ducati’s price tag.

However, Harley-Davidson isn’t the only company wanting to buy Ducati. Indian motorcycle maker called Bajaj Auto, along with several buyout funds are also preparing bids. Many others, including BMW, Honda and Suzuki  have allegedly backed up because of the price being too high.

A deal with Harley-Davidson would mean bringing together the most amazing touring bikes which are symbolic for the USA with Ducati’s top performing bikes with distinguished heritage.

And what might the outcome of such collaboration be?

This isn’t the first time Harley-Davidson bought an Italian motorcycle manufacturer. Back in 2008, they bought MV Augusta and unloaded it just two years after with zero profit.

Read the full Reuters story HERE or watch a video report HERE.