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Locals Leave Town, Businesses Shut Down Because of Bikes, Blues & BBQ Rally

FAYETTEVILLE – The 18th Annual Bikes, Blues & BBQ rally draws many motorcycles into town. But, as the roaring enters Fayetteville, locals are getting ready to leave.

The rally officially starts Wednesday, which clearly means the town is going to get LOUD in the following days. Authorities say there is a noise ordinance. They also say that last year they gave out six citations from bikers revving their engines because the noise affected local businesses.

Seems like local residents who don’t enjoy riding aren’t really fond of all the roaring noise either. In fact, some locals are straight up shutting down their businesses until the rally is over.

Sgt. Anthony Murphy with the Fayetteville Police Department said that officers aren’t able to stop every misbehaving that might occur among motorcycle riders. With hundreds of motorcycles on the street, it is, in fact, unsafe for officers to make a stop.

“It’s hard for our officers that are in the venue area to get these motorcycles sometimes to stop because they are moving down Dickson street when they are revving the engine and performing for the crowd a lot of times, getting the crowd to cheer,” he said for 5 News Online.

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Source: 5 News Online