Bikers Raise Money And Donations For Toys For Tots

FORT WALTON BEACH, Nov. 15th — The parking lot of The Sam’s club was crowded with hundreds of enthusiastic bikers Sunday morning for the 36th annual Toys for Tots charity ride.

The riding parade took off at 11 a.m. starting from Beal Parkway and moving forward to Niceville at the Mullet Fastival site.

Many of the bikers took the time to decorate their rides, and some of them even wore Santa hats right on top of their helmets.

Mark Garner is a biker who has been a part of the charity ride for a long time, with many years supporting Toys for Tots behind him.

“It started with my father,” he said. “It’s something to enjoy with friends. It’s a good time for a worthy cause.”

You can donate to the Emerald Coast Toys for Tots by clicking here.

(Via NFWDailynews)