Jaw – Dropping Footage: Motorcycle vs. Dog

Two motorcyclists escaped death by few seconds, and all of it was captured in a heart-stopping helmet cam footage.

In the video we can see a dog suddenly appearing in front of a motorcycle. The bike slams into the dog which causes the rider to lose control and wipe out.

After losing control over his motorcycle and falling off, sliding along the road, this quick-thinking biker manages to move out of the way of the truck, escaping certain death!

The first rider is apparently injured badly because you can hear him willing in pain as his friend calls 911.

Authorities have stated this incident shows how dangerous motorcycles can be and how important it is to be aware of all times.

Even though we don’t agree the video proves motorcycles themselves are dangerous, we can’t stress enough over the fact bikers HAVE TO be aware of animals on the road at all times.

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Check out the video!