New Web Series Highlights the ‘Unlikely Bikers’

Everybody who has fallen in love with motorcycling has done so in their own unique way and we’ve all got our own, special motorcycling tales.

Now a new video series from British television’s Channel 4 is attempting to highlight some of those stories in a fascinating series of video vignettes.

The Unlikely Bikers, produced by bike-mad actor Danny John-Jules and his TV-producing partner Steve Keys, tells six individual tales of unlikely motorcyclists and their affinity with their two-wheeled acquaintances.

There are six episodes in total, ranging from Joyan, who works as a smartly dressed business woman but is at heart a leather clad biker, through to Reverend Ray Biddiss, who has found a unique way to combine the two passions in his life.

Each show is only a few minutes long, and well worth a lunch break or two.

Source: Channel 4