Kawasaki Motorcycles Will Be Able To Talk To You

If you ever wondered how it would be if your bike could actually talk to you, Kawasaki is working on making that happen. They are in the early stages of creating voice controlled artificial intelligence for their bikes.

That’s right, artificial intelligence and voice control, just like in the 80’s science fiction movies.

The system is called Kanjo Engine and Kawasaki says it will, hopefully, add some personality to the riding machines. Riders will be able to talk to their bikes in their natural language to adjust settings and tweak performance. The bike can automatically make some changes too, learning rider preferences by monitoring the riding style and behavior.

This artificial intelligence system will supposedly also be able to perceive rider’s will and feelings through the sound of their voice. This all should lead to creating a stronger bond with your motorcycle, according to Kawasaki.

(Source: Kawasaki)

Photo by driver Photographer