Nashville Bike Week’s Mass Gathering Permit Has Been Denied

After all the speculation around Nashville Bike Week, especially after the state ordered the organizers to stop selling tickets to the festival until they got a mass gathering permit, many bikers have given up on hoping the event will ever happen. Now the Tennessee Department of Health has denied the mass gathering license.

Without this permit, Nashville Bike Week cannot lawfully sell tickets for the event scheduled for September 14 to 24. The event was expected to draw thousands of bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts to the mid-state.

No specific address for the event was given to this day, although a venue announcement has been scheduled several times by the Nashville Bike Week Facebook page. However organizers have claimed they have their eye on an “awesome property” in Humphreys County. The Humphreys County Sheriff expressed concern for the lack of permits submitted.

In a letter to the organization’s attorney the Health Department stated several reasons for denying the request. The organizers may resubmit for the permit once they’ve addressed all the cited reasons.  Some of those reasons include not providing a signed lease for the property the event intended to use. Only unsigned lease agreements were provided and the state said that’s not enough to prove the organization has permission to use the land.

Also, the organizers allegedly didn’t show proof that enough drinking water would be available for 50,000 expected attendees. There are also issues with the number of people the application claimed would be attending, and the organizers don’t have enough doctors and nurses in place for the event. The state requires one physician for every 10,000 people and one nurse for every 5,000 people. NBW never provided any specific plans for how these services would be provided.

The list goes on. You can see the full letter from the Tennessee Department of Health with all the reasons explained if you click HERE.

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Source: Fox17