Meet Baby Banks, The Biker Pig

We’ve all seen at least several cute animals riding bikes with their owners, but have you ever seen a biker pig who is also the Spokespig for an animal organization?

Meet Baby Banks, not only is she a badass biker, she also helps out her fellow pigs who live in shelters. Baby Banks is a lifetime member & registered pet pig at the AMPA (American Mini Pig Association).

She has done more good in her short lifespan than most people, and you simply gotta love her!

This is how she is presented:

I am Baby Banks, #Bikerpig and Spokespig for Kindness Awareness! Pigs are a handful and while social media gives us the “aww cute” factor, the truth is; I am only a good pet if you’re a Pig Person! When you don’t do your homework, shelters fill up. Then I went to my first pig rescue, I was a little overwhelmed. I saw all those that had been given up, learned about all those that were saved from research and development laboratories and my mission was clear! The Food Train was born.

100% of the donations from Food Train go straight to food purchases to help feed pigs in shelters, and those saved from laboratory facilities.

Check out the video!

Find out more about the Food Train HERE!