Must See: Car Driver Blocks Motorcycle!

This is something you don’t see every day. A car driver decides to go bananas on a motorcycle rider and blocks him in the middle of the street!


Who knows.

The rider caught the whole incident on cam, and here is what happened, according to him:

What did I do to make this guy so angry? Nothing. Maybe he just hates all motorcyclists because of the few that are jerks, or maybe he is just an angry person and thinks it is unfair that I can pass him, so he uses his car to show how awesome he is. I bet it would upset him to know that I thought it was funny…especially after I listened to the video and heard what he was saying. What a jackass.

Note: I have earplugs in, BUT I can still hear him…I just have a hard time understanding him. Most motorcycle riders wear earplugs to protect from the damage caused by wind noise. It is no different that having your windows rolled up in your car…you can still hear horns and sirens etc.

Check out the video!