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Florida Woman Gets To Keep Motorcycle-Riding Pet Alligator

Some of you might remember the story about a Florida woman fighting to keep her motorcycle-riding pet alligator.

Mary Thorn of Lakeland shares a house, bed and even her motorcycle with a nearly 6-foot, 125-pound alligator named Rambo.

Earlier this year, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation commission told Thorn that Rambo had grown too large to continue living on her property. By law, alligators measuring six feet are required to have 2.5 acres of land available to them, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Rambo has an immune disorder which makes him extremely sensitive to light, so he needs to be indoors most of the time. When he spends time outside, he likes riding with Mary on her motorcycle.

Mary got the best Christmas present this year: a state permit to keep Rambo.

Thorn told the Sentinel that she taught Rambo not to bite, scratch, head butt, or swatt, and that the gator interacts with the public safely. One of the stipulations of the permit, though, is that Thorn can no longer exhibit Rambo or carry him in public without tape around his mouth.