(UPDATED) Harley-Davidson Dealer Agrees to Ban Motorcycle Colors at Bike Night

According to Motorcycle Profiling Project, a Harley-Davidson dealership from California (Quaid HD) has agreed to a policy that bans motorcycle colors as a condition of getting a Special Events Permit from the City of Loma Linda.

We all know by now that motorcycle colors are protected by the First Amendment from government discrimination, and the City of Loma Linda’s permit requirement seems rather discriminating.

A group of motorcycle clubs dedicated to protecting the legislative, legal, and political interests of motorcycle riders nationwide, called The National Council of Clubs (NCOC) has stated that they are preparing to send an official complaint to the City of Loma Linda requesting the discriminatory condition to be removed from all policies.

In addition, the NCOC also intends to contact Harley-Davidson with a complaint about them agreeing to unconstitutional behavior. They tend to remind the company that abandoning the club community is not going to work well for them in economic terms, MPP reports.

Check out how that permit looks and read more on the subject at Motorcycle Profiling Project.

UPDATE — We got an email from one of our readers, Donald Kline. Donald said he actually attended the Bike Night in question and there were colors of all sorts, not one problem occured. 


Photo by JeepersMedia