Neighbor Vandalizes Biker’s Harley-Davidson Over Noise

A motorcycle owner from Coquitlam is speaking out after someone trashed his prized Harley-Davidson. They also left a note.

“I know it’s a noisy bike,” Rob Supeene says for CTV News.  He added that he tries his best to keep the noise down.

“I don’t crack the throttle. I don’t open it up. I literally push it off the driveway and down the alley,” he says.

At least one of his neighbors apparently has a problem listening to the Harley engine at 6 in the morning, when Supeene goes to work.

Only a week after he’d moved in, Supeene awoke one morning to find someone had vandalized his bike. The motorcycle seat was slashed, the gas tank was scratched, and there was a handwritten note that said: “If this wakes me up early morning again, it will get much worse.”

Supeene took this as a threat and installed a surveillance camera in case something similar happens again. His efforts paid off, partially.

One day he woke up to a sticky mess covering his beloved 2013 Wide Glide.

“It literally stripped the paint right off the rear fender,” Supeene said. “It’s ruined the bike.”

The damage could cost up to $10.000 to fix.

Security camera footage revealed a person carrying a paint can. But he doesn’t know who the person is.

Some of his neighbors, on the other hand, had plenty to say about this. Check out the video report from CTV News!