Kid Buys Dad His DREAM Bike!

This is probably one of the coolest things a son can do for his father. This guy’s father was forced to give up motorcycles when he was younger but the kid saw how his eyes lit up when the new BMW motorcycles hit the showroom. This video shows his mission, dubbed “Operation Motorrad,” is the culmination of his decade-long goal to buy my Dad a top-of-the-line BMW motorcycle.

This video is the HUGE, massively elaborate surprise that involved months of planning and coordination, 4 hidden cameras, many white lies to keep it a secret, satellite imagery, a childhood best friend’s parent’s garage, 3 videographers, and an endless list of steps that had to go exactly according to plan… and it DID!

How cool is this?

In case some of you guys decide to start hating, here is a disclaimer from the kid himself:

Should of been mentioned in the video, but the house in the background doesn’t belong to my parents. They aren’t financially wealthy and were not in a position to purchase this on their own. I’ll leave it at that.



(Via: Legendary Motorcycles)