Warmer Weather Means More Motorcycles

Biker are trying to raise awareness of safety on the roads at all times, especially as the weather keeps getting warmer.

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, there were 41 motorcycle fatalities in Iowa alone in 2015, and with the weather getting warmer as we speak, it’s very important for drivers to understand they should watch for motorcycles on the roads AT ALL TIMES.

Megan Eimers of Share the Road says the number one place for motorcycle accidents is at intersections.

“It’s so typical to look for car, car, truck, car, car, van, OK watch for motorcycles in between those cars and those trucks — give it some extra time at the intersections,”

She says other hazards on the road include gravel and rapidly changing weather.

“You need to get into the habit of watching for us again,” says Eimer. “We had all winter where the roads were bad, motorcycles were not out as much, now it’s spring weather, so watch for us yet again.”