Drivers Beware: As Temps Heat Up, More Motorcycles on the Road

KIRKSVILLE, Mo. — It’s unusual to see near 70 degrees in February for most areas, and that means drivers need to be more aware on the road.

That’s because the warm weather means motorcycle drivers are breaking their bikes out of winter storage and getting some miles on the odometer.

Police warn drivers that even though it’s February to be looking out for bikers.

Accidents can happen when motorists aren’t used to having to be aware for the two-wheeled machines on the roadways.

Drivers are also not used to seeing them this early in the year, but they are likely to be out during the nice weather this weekend.

Police say to look and listen for motorcycles.

“The main thing that I would stress is for everyone to be aware of what’s happening in their environment,” said Lt. Mark Wellman, Kirksville Police Department. “There are motorcycles out there, and people are not used to seeing them on a regular basis right now.”

And for motorcycle riders, Lt. Wellman says to look carefully over your bike before getting out on the road to make sure everything is working properly. Check out our list of 5 Things To Do Before You Ride This Spring.


(Source: KTVO)