Motorcycle Made of Paper Towels

If you happen to be in Miami during the first week of December, you might hear something like “Don’t squeeze that Harley!” It might not make sense to you this instant, but we promise the statement would be totally legit, considering what’s happening in Miami during this specific week.

Will Rayman is one of the sons of Minimalist painter Robert Ryman, and he is showcasing his recent installation called “The Situation Room” at Paul Kasmin gallery with an amazing life-sized sculpture of an iconic Harley Davidson he has made entirely of bounty paper towels.

Art lovers will be able to see the installation at the Shelborne Wyndham Grand hotel on South Beach.

The piece is titled “Freedom” and it was commissioned for the hotel by the Shelborne owners Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos and Paul Kanavos, who are also prominent art collectors. The installation will be displayed in the hotel’s luxurious lobby, most probably with some kind of protection as the piece is, obviously, very delicate.

Mr. Ryman has also made a Cadillac out of paper towels, which he described at the time as a “symbol of American power from the industrial revolution” made from a “disposable, mass-produced” product.


(Source: Observer Culture)