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Road Rage: Woman Gets 6 Years for Killing Motorcyclist Navy Chief Petty Officer

Darla Renee Jackson was sentenced to 6 years in jail for chasing a motorcycle riding Navy chief petty officer on two San Diego County freeways and causing the crash that killed him.

Calling her behavior “outrageously reckless”, the judge read her sentence on Friday last week for the death of 39-year-old Zacharias Buob.

Jackson pleaded guilty in January to voluntary manslaughter in connection with the incident, which prosecutors have said was sparked by road rage.

Buob died following a collision that occurred after he and Jackson got into an altercation on May 28, 2015. Both had been driving north on Interstate 5 near E Street in Chula Vista, then onto Highway 54.

Jackson, who was driving a Nissan Altima, pursued Buob at speeds reaching up to 90 mph and crashed into his motorcycle when the traffic slowed in front of them. Buob was thrown to the ground.

She ran over him as she swerved her car to avoid the fallen motorcycle. Buob died later at a hospital.

After learning her punishment she broke down in the courtroom.

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Source: LA Times