Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month Approaches

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

This observation aims to increase awareness of motorcyclists at a time of the year when large numbers of riders take to California’s roadways, because of the good weather. The Amador Area CHP Office would like to remind riders of some important riding tips.

Creating a safer highway environment is the shared responsibility of drivers and motorcyclists alike. This is achieved by staying alert and using common sense and courtesy while on the road.

It’s important for motorcyclists to minimize their risks by riding responsibly, always wearing a helmet and other protective gear, and never riding after consuming alcohol.

The CHP strongly encourages all riders to take the California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP) before beginning to ride. CMSP is California’s official motorcycle safety and training program administered by the CHP, offering a course for the novice rider.

According to the CHP’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System statistics, in 2015, motorcycle collisions resulted in 479 fatalities and 13,242 injured victims. Please ride and share the road responsibly

 To enroll in a CMSP course, call 1(877) RIDE-411 or visit their Website at

For further information, feel free to contact the Amador Area CHP office.


Source: Ledger Dispatch

Photo by TDelCoro