Over a Hundred Bikers Attend Annual Sturgis Toy Run

The 34th annual Sturgis Toy Run happened on Saturday and it was quite a success. Over a hundred bikers attended, and since the event was open for public, the gathering drew over 200 people.

Quite a bit of toys was raised this year, as well as $2,600 to brighten the upcoming holidays for children, as Toy Run President Victor Hargett reported to Sturgis Journal.

This year, the even lasted for one day rather than three, and the gathering happened at the Hillcrest Bar instead of a field. Bands and activities were also included and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Hargett said all attendees were very eager to show up for the kids and do the ride. He also said  a lot of them would be coming next year too.

Organizers are looking at options for procuring a field for next year. “The people were just awesome that showed up, and they had a good time,” Hargett said. Toy Run officers will deliver the toys to the children in December.

You can check out this photos from the Sturgis Toy Run on the Official Facebook Page!


Source: Sturgis Journal