Harley-Davidson Sets Up Its own Amazon Store

Harley-Davidson has signed an agreement with Amazon to start selling accessories and clothing on Amazon’s website. This move extends Harley’s reach to millions of new customers.

Some items are already available for US-based users since last week. Through Amazon, Harley gets access to hundreds of millions of potential new clients. Moreover, it will give the Milwaukee company an opportunity to reach the “new generation of riders” which is the main focus of its growth plan.

“This is an exciting time in Harley-Davidson’s incredible history, and we have an opportunity on Amazon to showcase our brand, to grow reach, relevance, and access – and ultimately, the opportunity to bring new riders into our Harley-Davidson family,” said Heather Malenshek, senior vice president of marketing and brand for Harley-Davidson Motor Company in a press release.

Clothing sales are a significant part of Harley’s business, and the company has been selling items online for years.  However, dealerships are limited to selling only obsolete and non-current items on Amazon. As Harley says, that won’t change. But now you can buy current-year merchandise directly in Harley’s storefront.

You can check out the store HERE.

Source: Journal Sentinel