Country Singer Blake Shelton Offers Concert Tickets To Couple After Motorcycle Crash

A country music star with a big heart makes a dream come true for a brave fan who survived an awful motorcycle accident.

Jonathan Daniels is a 25-year-old who was riding his motorcycle with some friends when a car cut him off and he went flying into a utility pole. This happened a few months ago in Somers, New York.

Daniels suffered severe injuries, including spinal and rib injuries, collapsed lungs, and bleeding on the brain.

“In the hospital it was really bad. My mom was telling me I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I don’t remember pretty much a lot of my hospital stay. I was on some pretty heaving medicine,” Daniels said.

Miraculously, he can walk today.

He posted this video on Facebook and received an incredible response.

“I don’t even have that many friends on Facebook and it took off. It’s like 25 million views. Overnight it took off,” Daniels said.

Daniels and his girlfriend Lindsay Baker are huge fans of country music superstar Blake Shelton and were supposed to go to his concert but couldn’t because of the accident.

Shelton sent them a video message offering them free tickets, saying he has to meet them face to face!

Check out his video!