Harley and the Davidsons on Discovery Channel: A Documentary Drama About the Early Days of HD

The dates are released: the three-part, six-hour miniseries Harley and the Davidsons, produced by Raw Television, is going to air on Discovery Channel, September 5-7.

Filming has finally been completed with many of the location shots for the series filmed in Bucharest, Romania. This includes a complete transformation of the historic Bucharest Dinamo Velodrome into a period-correct board race track for several of the action shots.

Each of the three two-hour segments will roughly represent a decade in the life of William Harley and the Davidson brothers. Harley is played by British actor Robert Aramayo, while the role of Walter Davidson is played by Michail Huisman, who is well-known among the Game of Thrones fans. Arthur Davidson will be played by Brandon “Bug” Hall, but the trailer doesn’t clearly show if brother William A. Davidson will make an appearance in the miniseries.

The progression of models and engines featured in the series follows Harley’s own timeline from first bike through Silent Gray Fellow and up to the debut of the “knucklehead” engine in 1936. Although not an actual biography, the film series does have many historically accurate events in the first three decades of Harley-Davidson evolution. The production team spent months doing their homework, taking advantage of the extensive cache of documents, photographs and archives from the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee to add realism to the sets as well as to the 80-plus bikes that were used during the filming. A reproduction of the original Harley-Davidson shed also appears in the miniseries.

(Via: Hemmings Daily)

Although Harley-Davidson’s history is known about by many people, this 3-day-show doesn’t seem to be just a timeline piece about the success of the business. It appears to be more about the founders and their lives trying to pursue the American Dream. All the vintage iron from Harley-Davidson as well as many other manufacturers of the time will be a real treat to see for many motorcycle and board track racing enthusiasts.

See the promotional trailer!

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