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Two Teens Responsible for Stringing Fishing Line That Injured Motorcyclist

Alex Teston was riding to a friend’s house around 10 p.m. Friday when he noticed something that looked like a dim flashlight along the side of the road. All of the sudden, he felt a force throw him backward by the neck, nearly launching him off of his motorcycle.

Alex somehow kept his balance and quickly realized he had a long cut across his neck from whatever it was he hit on the road.

He didn’t understand what had happened to him until his strange story spread and a friend reached out to tell him he had driven his truck through the fishing line in that same area this weekend.

Teston filed a police report and a deputy came to the scene. They found a fishing line tied around a utility pole at the exact spot where the incident happened.

The police solved the case shortly after, when two teenage girls came forward, admitting they strung the fishing line, but also saying it was just a prank gone wrong, according to Komo News.

The girls allegedly heard about a prank from their parents. The prank consists of suspending a teddy bear with fishing line so that it would give it an illusion of floating above the ground. The girls strung the fishing line, but before they could put the teddy in place, Teston drove through the line.

They panicked and runoff, not telling anyone about it until the story spread. Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies say the girls will not be arrested