Why BMW Developed a Self-Driving Motorcycle That You Can’t Buy

The idea of a bike that drives itself might sound pointless to some, but the scientists at BMW’s motorcycle sector in Munich, Germany, have been taking it very seriously.  For more than two years they have been working on creating a self-driving bike that can start, ride, turn, and stop – all of it on its own.

Not only have the BMW scientists made a self-driving motorcycle, but they also made it unavailable for purchase.

Instead of selling the bike that needs no rider, the BMW team is using it to discover new and improved ways to enhance rider safety.

The motorcycle was created with the idea of studying its dynamics in many various conditions so they can identify the behavior of the rider and try to assist them. For example, riders need to brake suddenly at times or take sharp turns, some of them often unexpected.

BMW Motorrad

According to BMW, this is the first self-driving motorcycle made in Germany, and it is already doing a wonderful job in helping with the development of new safety features.

BMW plans to incorporate the innovative safety features on their upcoming bikes.

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