Video: A Motorcycle With Lamborghini Engine V-12

What kind of man builds a motorcycle with Lamborghini engine Espada V12? A visionary genius, wouldn’t you say?

Chuck Beck is more known for building cars than motorcycles,  but when you check out what kind of a bike he made, you’ll be astonished.

As he explains in the video, he got a Lamborghini V-12 engine from a friend, and since it was just sitting around he decided to place it between two wheels and make a motorcycle out of it.

The bike also has a VW Type 3 axle, rear-mounted radiators, and yes,  Chuck rides it. “It’s not geared to go real fast, only about 140 mph,” says Chuck.

This motorcycle with Lamborghini engine doesn’t just pack amazing features – it also looks completely out of this world.

Check out the video!