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Trump Supporters and Anti-Trump Protesters Keep Their Distance During Rally

Saturday, supporters of President Trump and Anti-Trump protesters kept their cool during competing rallies in Sacramento.

Around 150 people gathered at the state Capitol for a “United America First Peace Rally”. Although organizers said the event was aimed at actually bringing together bikers who have different political views, most of the crowd appeared to be Trump supporters.

A few blocks away, a small counter-rally was formed in Fremont Park. A local chapter of Act Now to Stop War and End Racism hosted the anti-Trump event.

At the Capitol, the rumble of Harley-Davidsons down L Street emphasized the United America First rally. The attendees planted various pro-Trump signs, wore Trump T-shirts, or carried Trump flags.

Organizer Will Johnson, a 46-year-old Bay Area resident, told the crowd that he wanted to see Americans unite and support the military.

“The hate today is driven by the media,” he said. “Hollywood, politicians – they’re very poisonous to America. They serve only one purpose, and that is to divide us.”

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