Motorcycle Heaven Hidden in Midtown

Did you know there was a hidden motorcycle heaven in St. Louis?

Michael Kiernan owns an antique motorcycle restoration business and he says Saint Louis is the perfect place for it. He is from Australia and he restores high-end antique bikes from all over the world.

After 14 years in Saint Louis, he has learned that this place is, indeed, the perfect home for his business.

“I’m not sure I could do this anywhere else in the world,” Kiernan says in his Australian accent. “Because of the central location, the low cost of living, just the way people are friendly here, conducive to business, it’s the heartland of America, it’s fantastic.”

Talk about fantastic, his showroom is absolutely unimaginable with dozens of gorgeous antique bikes of all kinds. You can see a fully restored 1913 Handerson four cylinder, or a 1921 Harley Davidson that hasn’t been used since 1980 – they restore them; bring them back to life and when those engines start roaring it feels like magic.

Check out the video!