Indian Motorcycle Third Quarter Sales Increased 16%

Polaris Industries published their third-quarter report on Tuesday, and it shows that Indian Motorcycle retail sales have increased 16 percent.

Given the fact Harley-Davidson, as the lead market share, reported an 8.1 percent decline in the same quarter just last week, as you can read in our report, it’s obvious the gap between these two industries is getting smaller by the day.

This rise in sales for Indian Motorcycle comes from new product introductions (the new Chieftain Elite and Limited models, as well as the Roadmaster Classic), and significant band awareness improvement, according to Polaris.

Roadmaster Classic
Roadmaster Classic/

Both Indian and Harley-Davidson brands grew their market share in the third quarter, but since Indian sales are going up, and Harley sales are obviously decreasing, does this mean Indian is threatening Harley’s leading market share?

Source: Biz Journals

Photo by Felix Padrosa Photography