Lawyer Says Hells Angels Shooter ‘Tried to Defend Himself’

Remember the Hells Angels wannabe who was recently charged with shooting a man who moved a parking cone outside the Hells Angels headquarters?

His lawyer portrayed him as an honest, hardworking man who only tried to defend himself.

Anthony Iovenitti, 52, was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court Wednesday on charges he shot 25-year-old David Martinez in the stomach after Martinez moved the cone so the car he was in could get by a stopped taxi.

It Was Self- Defense?

Iovenitti’s lawyer, Ron Kuby, said NYPD surveillance video showed the shooter on the ground being kicked in the head before he fired a single round.

“This is not cone wars,” said Kuby. “Mr. Martinez had kicked him once with his boots in the head, at least once, and was about to kick him again.”
(Via: NY Times)

But sources said the Bronx resident is a live wire when it comes to defending the club’s turf.

He was arrested in October for allegedly pushing another victim — who fell into a fire hydrant and hit his head — near the clubhouse back in July.

Sources say Iovenitti, who has steady work as an operating engineer and owns several properties, was arrested six other times outside the city.

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