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Bikers Surprise a Teen With Cerebral Palsy for His 13th Birthday

Keira Evans of New Zealand, reached out to her community for a special surprise for her teen son who has cerebral palsy.

She posted on a local Facebook page, saying she was looking for bikers to show up for the birthday of her son, Zane, because he loves bikers.

“Does anybody have a super loud Harley or motorbike and is free tomorrow around lunch time in Eaton Area? It’s our big guys 13th birthday and boy is he in love with motorbikes,” Evans wrote on the page. “The louder the better… Zane will be stoked!”

The thoughtful mom went to bed hoping several bikers would show up the next day.

Turning 13 is a big milestone and we were struggling to find him a gift he would adore,” Evans told “Within a few hours we had so many comments from the local community, we went to bed thinking, ‘Awesome… we might have 10 bikes show up!’”

But that was a huge understatement, as the next day, more than 100 people showed up along with their roaring bikes to give Zane the special birthday surprise!

Zane, who is non-verbal, was exuberant as the bikes zoomed by him.

“The joy in his face you see is just that, pure joy. Zane loves bikes, he loves seeing them drive past and he will get so excited he needs to catch his breath,” said Evans. “What unfolded was beyond amazing.”

Check out the video!


Source: CBS8