New 2017 Laws Provide New Light, Plate Options For Motorcyclists

Several measures becoming law in the new year will impact you on your motorcycle, including a provision to make cyclists more visible to other motorists.

Lincoln Land Chapter of ABATE Illinois Public Communications Officer Josh Witkowski said the so-called “blue light” bill allows for a blue light to be used in the center of the rear red light of motorcycles.

“What this does is it creates a contrast,” he said. “When that motorcyclist hits their brake, you see a contrasting light almost instantly.”

Such a design hopes to make motorcyclists more visible to other drivers.

“I was behind one of these bikes while this bill was pending in the legislature, and I was amazed by how quickly it grabs your attention as a motorist — and it’s been a good thing,” Witkowski said. “It’s good for visibility out there on the road, which increases safety and reduces the risk of accidents.”

Witkowski added that ABATE, a motorcycle advocacy group, focuses on safety and visibility.

“The faster people can see a motorcycle while it’s on the road, the easier it is for them to see us, the better it is for everybody’s safety,” he said. “And it reduces accidents out on the road.”

Another measure taking effect in 2017 creates a U.S. Route 66 specialty plate for motorcycles, with funds going to preserve the historic roadway.

Witkowski said Route 66 is a big draw for motorcyclists from around the world.

“At least twice a week during the riding season, there is a group from out of the country,” he said. “They come from Korea, Germany, France, Italy, Australia.”

Extra money from the annual license plate fee goes to the Route 66 Scenic Byways Commission to preserve the history of the legendary roadway viagra rezeptfrei usa.

Both measures passed unanimously; they take effect Jan. 1.

Source: Illinois News Network

Photo by steakpinball